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Tips for Renovating and Remodeling The Interior

What We Offer

We are an award winning and multi disciplinary team of interior designers with a mission of injecting creativity and life into your hotel and restaurant. With exceptional expertise and attention to details, we promise to turn the interior of your hotel into an iconic environment.

Renovation service

Renovation service

As a leading team of hotel interior designers, we are committed to providing world class hotel renovation services. We provide remodeling services with the goal of bringing newer and exciting changes to your hotel.

Space planning service

Space planning service

We specialize in space planning and design services. As a leading team of hotel interior designers, we can transform a new or existing space into a stunning environment that projects creativity and beauty.

Interior design services

Interior design services

As a global team of hotel interior designers, we can merge new and existing ideas together with local culture finally transforming the hotel interior into an attractive and impactful space.

Historic renovation services

Historic renovation services

We endeavor at preserving, conserving and protecting buildings, artifacts and landscapes with historical significance. Our hotel interior designers have the expertise of restoring distinguished structures along with building re-purposing.

Recommended hotels


Dome Hotel, 4 star

Dome Hotel is a good venue for recreating and relaxation. Our vacation both was as pleasant as possible. We tried to take more advantages from the staying at the hotel and imbue ourselves with more success and blessing. The hotel had to offer good amenities and comfortable accommodations. Dome is settled in a right place where people could have memorable vacation. We are very satisfied with the choice.


Grecian Bay Hotel, 5 star

We’ve traveled around more than a little, and know a good hotel when we see it. The Grecian Bay Hotel is a good hotel, and the highest praise I can give is to say that we never felt at a loss for something to do. Golf, billiards, it’s all there, so between that and the quartet of restaurants, we never had to slow down. Thanks for the booking. Next time we’ll came to Ayia Napa, Grecian Bay Hotel will be our choice again.


Hilton Park Hotel, 5 star

I stayed at the Hilton Park in September and I have very good memories about this great hotel. The rooms are excellent in this hotel, very clean, large and comfortable. The swimming pool is very big. The staff is very helpful and attentive. I think the Hilton Park is one of the best hotels that I have ever visited. The negative side is that Hilton Park Hotel is a little bit pricey.


Aeneas Hotel, 5 star

I stayed at the Aeneas Hotel through you last year, and the amenities really were top-notch. It’s a good location, very nice and quiet for a tourist town, and it’s had plenty to do and keep me occupied with right on its property. If I have to come to Cyprus again, I’ll be staying there. Aeneas Hotel distinguishes itself by its typical Cypriot architecture and its excellent service.


  • “I would like to commend your hotel interior design team for the excellent job they did in renovating my restaurant. Not only did your team offer great design ideas but they took my preferences and incorporated them with their ideas finally transforming my restaurant into a pleasing and functional dining space.”

    John Henry Doe

  • “When I was considering the option of renovating my hotel, I was worried that the commencement of the remodeling will leave a sour experience among my guests and even affect my ROI. To my surprise, your team of hotel interior designers undertook the project in a timely manner, with dedication and diligence. They finished the remodeling of my hotel rooms with minimal disturbance to my guests. Thank you guys for the excellent work.”

    John Smith

  • “This note serves to compliment your hotel renovation team for a job well done. They worked diligently and fulfilled all tasks in a timely manner. At no time did the team show any displeasure for the many questions and changes I kept suggesting. They were responsive at all times. Thank you for transforming my hotel.”

    Tyler  Stone

Why Choose Us


Top Quality Work

Our standard of workmanship is high and so is our quality of work. As a result, we have gained new clients as referrals from our previous clients.


Consistent and Effective Communication

From the moment you select us as your preferred choice for renovating your hotel, your personalized team will include a project manager, assistant and hotel interior design team. All throughout the project, the project manager will keep updating you of any new changes.


Highly Experienced

Our team of hotel interior experts have decades of experience and in-depth knowledge between them. As licensed and certified experts, you can rest easy knowing full well that your hotel is in the hands of professionals.

Hotel Renovation ideas

Is your hotel faced with a more competitive landscape? Renovating and remodeling the interior of your hotel will surely kick start its reputation. Making your hotel lobby and rooms attractive to travelers will boost revenue and improve your brand.

Although it’s inconvenient to you and your customers, selecting the right team will ensure the interior of your hotel is upgraded with less disruption which can turn out to be a sour experience for your guests. In addition, an ill-timed renovation kills your ROI.

As a transformative team of hotel interior designers, we have gathered a few hotel renovation ideas that are bound to transform the look and ROI of your hotel.

  • Idea #1 – Creating a dining area with colorful dishes and unique dining furniture
  • Idea #2 –Play with textures, materials, color and patterns for furniture and walls
  • Idea #3 – Inspire relaxation with Zen-centric spas and bathrooms
  • Idea #4 –Become eco-responsible
  • Idea #5 – Make your hotel to be technology-centric by making charging outlets and Wi-Fi accessible

Contact our super friendly support staff for more hotel remodeling ideas.

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