The pearl of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is the largest city of UAE. Dubai is a very popular destination where you get friendly and warm welcome. Dubai offers you the great possibilities to rest: excellent green golf courses, tennis fields, wonderful hotels, perfect restaurants and nightclubs. Dubai, being one of the most developed cities in the world but, keeps its traditions and origin.
Visit Dubai to get new emotions and new experience.

Dubai Recommended hotels:

Highland Hotel, 2 star

    I stayed in Dubai on my way through the United Arab Emirates, and the Highland Hotel hosted me during my time there. I found the help very friendly, the facilities to be clean, but not very new, and the location adequate for my purposes. The nearby port is busy, and lots to see and do is just nearby. Come and enjoy it, I’m sure you’ll like it as I did.

Sea Shell Inn, 3 star

    My friends and I decided to go on vacation for spring break, and chose Dubai by tossing darts. The lucky hotel was the Sea Shell Inn, and we were on our way. The hotel had an in-house nightclub with entertainment, great restaurants and food, internet access, and really awesome rooms. Thanks so much for putting everything in order for us, you’re a life-saver.

Ibis World Trade Center, 3 star

    Staying at the Ibis World Trade Center was just fine. I didn’t have any complaints about either the help or the hotel itself. The place was clean enough and in a great spot, not in the center of town but near enough to all of the best places, including of course the WTC itself.

Landmark Hotel, 3 star

    I stayed at the Landmark hotel in Dubai, and enjoyed it tremendously. The hotel was tall, giving good views of the city and surroundings, and had wonderful proximity to the zoo, which our children loved, as well as the beach, a family hit. What more could we want? The rooms were cooled pleasantly with air conditioning, and even a hair dryer in the bathroom. Super.