Hotel Interior Design Ideas

Hotels give travelers shelter for a night or more. This does not mean that their experience should be unpleasant. In fact, hotel owners need to ensure that their guests have the best experience. The only way to ensure this is to incorporate creative designs that transform the interior of the hotel into a warm and welcoming space.

What you ought to know is that a hotel is a temporary home to travelers. Here are the top 5 hotel interior ideas that will transform your hotel into an Instagram-worthy establishment.

#1.Luxury dining area

Luxury-dining-areaAs a hotel owner, you can upgrade your dining area and give it a luxury look. As a result, you will bring a sense of occasion to your hotel by incorporating bold lighting. To ensure your dining area looks luxurious, select furniture made from dark wood for instance mahogany. Thanks to its striking look, it will make your dining area to have a luxurious look.

Remember, poor choice of lighting will make your dining room to be dark. Always go for overhead lighting which should be located above the table. This will make the area to look well lit.

#2.Warm and cozy lobby

To continue attracting more hotel guests, you need to upgrade the look and feel of your lobby. Unlike the business-like look that is common with most hotels, you can upgrade yours by bringing in some cozy elegance.

To do so, add leather sofas with super soft cushions and a glass coffee table. Make sure that the leather sofa allows guests to sink in when they sit. This will provide a relaxed feeling.

Don’t forget to add an eye catching rug.

#3.Bold and vivid colors for your walls

Bold and vivid colors for your wallsBold and vivid colors have the capability of brightening your hotel rooms. In addition, they can make your hotel to look more interesting. You can now replace the outdated hotel interior ideas with bold and vivid colors.

Don’t forget to play with textures too. If you select the right texture, it will surely impress your customers and even inspire them to visit again.

#4.Properly placed power outlets

Today, people are more connected than three or so decades ago. It is quite common to find one person having more than two smart devices. The problem is a vast majority of people end up using these devices for an extended duration which drains power.

The good news is that they come with rechargeable batteries. As a hotel owner, it is wise to take into consideration the placement of charging points. Adding one more power outlet close to the bed lamp on each side of the bed should be sufficient.

#5.Modern wooden floors

There are hotel owners who are still stuck on using carpets. While this is great, it does not go well with modern trends. Instead of carpet, why not install modern wooden floors. Wooden floors give your hotel room a rustic look. In addition, they are easy to maintain unlike carpets which gather dust and dirt plus they wear out faster especially when placed along high traffic areas. To give your hotel rooms a modern look, choose wooden floors.