Hotel Interior Trends 2018

Let’s face it. Hotel guests are not the easiest lot to please. As paying customers, they are in search of value for their money and that is why they have great expectations. From the moment they walk into the hotel lobby, their eyes will be darting left to right, up and down. All this time, they are taking in all the surrounding details. If something is out of place or their experience is unpleasant, be sure that the netizens will be aware.

As a hotel owner, you can continue attracting more customers and improving your ROI only and only if you incorporate the following hotel interior trends 2018.

#1.Use bolder and vivid colors

Use-bolder-and-vivid-colorsColor is one of the best assets when designing the hotel interior. It is quite common to find hotel owners choosing neutral colors because they are safe. In 2018, you can change your fortune by opting for bolder and vivid colors.

Bolder and vivid colors help to accentuate the interior of your hotel. Not only will this work for you as the hotel owner but for the current ‘Selfie’ generation too. Why? Bolder and vivid colors brighten the background.

#2.Re-design your lobby

hotel-lobbyIf you were to step into any hotel lobby, you will probably be met by a large empty area with the hotel reception desk at the far end. This creates a business-like environment. If you want to attract more customers especially families and millennials, you need to change the look of your lobby.

Instead of the business-look (empty space with a reception desk), add sofas and more lighting. This will help to create a living room experience. As a result, your guests will feel right at home.

#3.Transform to a smart hotel

Technology has revolutionized the way hotel owners do business. Unlike in the past where hotels handled all check-ins at the large front reception area, today smart hotels allow check-in via mobile apps and online portals.

In addition, hotel guests can control everything at the hotel using technology – from controlling room temperature to ordering room service. That is not all. Smart hotels need to have smart devices charging points and Wi-Fi accessible to hotel guests.

#4.Enhance human touch

Hotel-guestsHotel guests are always in search of the best experience when traveling. As a hotel owner, you can ensure that they have a great experience by adding details that enhance human touch. Basically, you need to add components that speak to your guests.

For instance, you can add modern designs to your pillow. Instead of having a plain color, add a few words that inspire and make the design Instagram-worthy.

#5.Transform the meeting spaces

For many years now, hotels have provided meeting places for companies around the world. As a result, they have cashed in on seminars and workshops held at the hotel. Problem is, times have changed. To remain relevant, hotel owners need to upgrade their meeting places.

For starters, they should provide modern audio, video and network infrastructure. When it comes to dividers, walls and furniture, they should be modular. As a result of the upgrades, it will enhance flexibility, better communication and interactivity.