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paris-2Paris is a fairy tale. The air of Paris is imbued with history, every building and every its window, every museum and every cafe – everything has and boasts a piece of history. The only thing that prevents you from enjoying this breath of history is the constantly scurrying about cars and buses. They are out of the place here. If only it was possible to remove them from the streets of Paris – it would be much-much better.
The old churches are standing in-between the modern buildings – you cannot pass it by. The Parisians certainly pass by, they have their own troubles. Probably they are searching impressions in other places during their holidays.
Paris is very clean in contrast to London and it is very pleasant.
Plenty of very expensive dress shops from the famous couture, maybe such prices suits only Hollywood stars or president’s wives.
Great number of shopping centres with the great choice of goods!
The only thing Paris is really lacking of is time, time to see everything.
I want to come to Paris again and again.


Cyprus – what does it mean for common citizens? Sea, noise of waves lapping the seashore, constant sunshine, quiet mornings and wild nights.
The official languages in Cyprus are Turkish and Greek. The Greek language is in daily use in the southern part of the island, governed by the Cypriot Republic, and Turkish one is correspondingly used in the northern part, occupied by the Turkish troops.
As it was written in the “Tourist’s guide” locals are speaking special Cyprian dialect, which differs from the classic Greek language – plausible fact, during the 7 days of our holidays in Cyprus I have never heard my favourite Greek word ‘?????????!’ – meaning ‘Thanks!’.
CyprusThe tour to Cyprus started with our guide’s jokes like excursions at 3 times higher prices and low currency exchange rates, motivated by the ‘fact’ that all banks do not work on week-end. Luckily we managed to find out on the web the working schedule of banks and yielded to no persuasion of the guide.
In the morning Ayia Napa is a plain, quiet village on the seashore. No peoples in the streets, silence everywhere, as if the nature and people are striving to get rid of the drowse. By 11 a.m. the beaches start getting filled up with the tourists and at 5 p.m. the sea is more a meat soup alike than the sea as it should be (the real pleasure is in mornings, when the sea is clean, refreshing and delightful ). Beaches are of sand but be careful, there are stones under the water not far from the coast.
At the beginning we could not catch the idea why people come here again and again, but understanding came in the evening.
In the night Ayia Napa, like the other cities in Cyprus, turns into a crowded city, young and handsome people are scurrying about, multicolor signboards are glowing everywhere, numerous cafes and bars open and welcome guests.
In the centre of the city if to follow the upper street, leading to the church, there is a Mecca of the city – the street of the clubs.
Something unbelievable is happening here. So many clubs in one street with so many stylish youth can be nowhere else seen.
Bars are open until 1.30 a.m., the promoters are handing over the flyers with the clubs’ programs for this evening, the barkers are distributing the free-shots – additional free drinks if you visit their bars.
The most popular bar is Bedrock b Mr. Frog, do not miss also the Bulldog and le Plage
As regards the night clubs I recommend you to have a look at Castle – 3 dance-floors and various music to all tastes, another one to mention is Ice night club- do not miss the foam parties, taking place Mondays and Thursdays. I was lucky to have fun at Carwash with their 80-90yy music and at Starks at their candy party.
Going to bed at 4 a.m. we were getting up at 7 a.m. to enjoy the morning sea before the crowds of tourists start boiling there.
In the evening you can also entertain in the attraction park or in the aqua-park – the best one in Europe.
During these 7 days in Cyprus we managed to rest as if spent 2 weeks here.


DubaiEverybody knows a 7* hotel in Dubai, but only few know that it is quite unreal to find photos of this hotel in Dubai.
Many hotels are decorated inside with the photos of the rulers and leaders as well as of many other famous and honorable people, but no single photo of the 7 star hotel.
There is a rumor that Arabs were displeased by the fact of this building erection but why was it still built?
Not many people know that the artificial islands are flooded from time to time.
Locals had to change the contractor firms to continue constructing.
On seeing this persistence one gets a feeling that if Emirates leaders decided to have anything or to do anything – this will be done and brought, no matter what efforts are needed for it.
Everything lies in money. There is enough money in Dubai.
Everything planned will be built.


IstanbulThis city for tourists is like a bar of chocolate for children.
I know no other city treating the history the same way.
There are plenty of mosques, the color of the Turkish life can be really felt in the restaurants and shops, selling the souvenirs, carpets and leather goods.
You will be definitely impressed by the Gold Row in the covered market in the centre of the city.
Several times I was lucky to visit the Sultan palace – amazingly interesting.
It is also nice to stroll about the streets of Istanbul. Cars are parking unusually tightly, the guys, assisting the guests to park are getting out of the cars through the windows of the parked by them cars as it is impossible to open the door.
Unusual and uncommon scenes are seen everywhere.
But the main striking thing of Istanbul is that nearly all mosques are built on the place of the Constantinople churches.
Huge stones surrounding the Istanbul squares kept the tracks of Constantinople power but as you can guess now these stones are simply stones.
No more.